What is a Gold Loan?

A gold loan is a loan which is secured against gold ornaments. A borrower pledges their gold ornaments with the lender in exchange for funds. Therefore, it is a loan which is granted against a certain physical security of gold. Gold loans have successfully enabled thousands of people to mobilize their personal assets, which would have otherwise simply been kept away in a locker.

What are the benefits of talking a Gold Loan from Asha Purti?

• Customer oriented Services

• Quick loan disbursal

• Avail minimum loan amount of ₹1500 and no maximum limit

• Pre-payment option-without any penalty

• Minimal documentation

• In-house gold evaluation

• Prompt customer service within a shorter response time

• Strong rooms for safe custody of gold ornaments

Who is eligible to avail a Gold Loan?

Any major Indian citizen can borrow. All they need to provide are the gold ornaments and the required documents.

What type of security do I need to provide? Do I need a guarantor?

The only security which is required from the customer’s end to avail a gold loan from Asha Purti Ltd. is the very gold they will pledge. There is no need for an external/third party guarantor for the same. The loan will be sanctioned against the gold pledged.

What type of gold can I pledge to avail the gold loan?

You can pledge any type of gold jewellery/gold ornaments with us. This includes items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, 'Polki' sets, pendants, 'Kardahs', etc.

How can I repay my loan? What different options are available for the repayment?

You can repay the loan at any of our branches by cash, debit cards or cheque. (credit cards and demand drafts are not accepted). You can also repay the loan online using our Online Webpay facility or Asha Poorti Online mobile application.

Where do I repay my loan? Can partial repayment be made towards the gold loan?

The loan can be repaid at any Asha Poorti branch, irrespective of the location. Asha Poorti’s CBS system is implemented in all branches and allows customers to repay their loans at any branch. However, the final collection of the pledged gold will have to be done from the initial branch where it was pledged. Yes, you can make partial payment along with interest at any of the branches of Asha Poorti or online on our website.

How and when can I get back the pledged gold jewellery/ornaments?

The gold which you pledge with us will be given back to you after the loan and the complete amount has been repaid. Failure to repay the loan will result in Asha Poorti Ltd. reluctantly auctioning off the same. The borrower will be given periodical reminders for payment of overdue interest and after the tenure of loan, a final Notice before the auction. As mentioned earlier, the pledged gold has to be collected from the branch where it was initially pledged and stored.

What is the minimum limit on your gold loan?

The minimum amount of our gold loan range is ₹1000.

Is my Gold jewellery/ornaments safe with Asha Poorti ?

Yes, it is. We understand the sentiment attached to your ornaments and therefore we have installed specialized safe rooms and CCTV cameras for round the clock surveillance in all our branches. The gold items pledged with Asha Poorti. are entered into our systems and all submissions are locked away in tamper proof packaging.

What is the maximum limit on the gold loan?

There is no maximum limit.

How much can I expect for my gold?

To check the status of your application, visit the official website of your loan provider, select the ‘Contact Us’ option on the homepage, select the option to track your loan application. This option will lead you to the page where you can check the status of your loan application. Enter the details asked for and obtain the required information.